Haier Pakistan Stands Up for Dealers in Sialkot

Haier has made big inroads in the home appliance market in Pakistan to the extent that the brand today leads the competition in most major categories. The competition, particularly one local brand, apparently unable to compete on quality, features and technology innovation, has resorted to unconventional methods in an effort to halt Haier’s increasing sales in the refrigerator category.

Reports say that the affected competing brand is threatening dealers with punitive measures, including fines and dealership cancellation, blaming them for their slipping sales and accusing them, unfairly of promoting the Haier brand. The affected dealers, faced with these negative tactics have launched a protest. The dealers say Haier’s increasing popularity and the resultant increase in sales is driven by high consumer confidence in Haier products, itself the result of the brand’s continuously increasing awareness and positive brand equity in the market.

The Haier management has assured all dealers of their full and active support ro help them combat any negative tactics adopted by the competition, particularly the threat to cancel dealerships. In this context a Haier sales and marketing team led by Haier’s National Sales Manager Mr. Suhaib Rathore, and including the Product Manager (Refrigerators) Mr. Tang Youhu and Mr. Kashif Javed are visiting dealerships to express their complete confidence in and full support for them.

The team visited Sialkot and met with Mr. Usman Soni, proprietor of Soni Electronics one of the affected dealers. The Haier team on behalf of the top management of Haier assured Mr. Usman Soni and his sales team of their full support at all times and in all circumstances.

Mr. Usman thanked the Haier management and expressed his satisfaction in the positive response and active support given by Haier.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Posted by Jaiser Abbas

Haier Chill Stop Bus Shelters in Lahore

Haier, over the years has come to be known as a ‘caring company’, and one that identifies with Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, their good times and bad, their everyday lifestyles and the problems they face as they go about their daily business. This caring attitude has manifested itself many times and has become the cornerstone of Haier Pakistan’s very active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The latest practical example of Haier’s caring attitude is the offering of “Haier Chill Stop” bus shelters in Lahore. The Haier Chill Stop is a branded, completely glass enclosed bus stop designed to give instant relief to bus commuters from the searing heat. The bus stop has been adorned with comfortable seating, and Haier air conditioner to create a cool, comfortable and pristine environment for commuters.

In this, the holy month of Ramadhan, and the exceptionally hot summer which has seen temperatures go up in the high 40s this is like a heaven sent gesture by Haier Pakistan.

As commuters walk in to the chill stop they find a most welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the summer, sit in comfortable seats to wait for the next bus. The Haier air conditioning unit that has been installed is representative of Haier’s innovative technology and market leading design and features, all attributes that have made Haier the undisputed market leader in Pakistan.

Haier’s top of the line DC Inverter ACs lead in terms of innovation, engineering design, lifetime reliability and significant savings, as high as 70%, as in the monthly electricity bill. Haier engineering have achieved this outstanding performance by incorporating Haier’s innovating and exclusive A-PAM technology that make Haier air conditioners the only “total DC Inverter ACs” on the market.

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Posted by Jaiser Abbas

زارا نے طوطا پالا

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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پکنک چلو

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کیڑوں کا گھر

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فیضی کا گھر

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