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First Women's Rights Activist in Asia

Ms. Fatima Jinnah

Ms. Fatima Jinnah

First Women's Rights Activist in Asia

Tall , lean , decent, sophisticated , a very well dressed white hair lady's very first introduction is , the sister of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.

She is Fatima Jinnah , a dental surgeon, biographer, states woman, and one of the founding leaders of  state of Pakistan, but here I want to point out her role as a women right activist. 

She was the first woman in Asia who found an exclusive female student association , " Women Students Federation " in 1941.   Fatima Jinnah also played a pivotal role in civil rights and introduced the women's rights movement in the Pakistan Movement. She founded the All Pakistan Women Association (APWA) after independence   which to date is functioning as Asia's top institution to serve and protect women's rights.

She herself became a role model not only for the Muslims women of South Asia, but for
the women of whole Asian society. she worked for the promotion of women’s rights and privileges in Pakistan under very difficult circumstances.
She is the name of wisdom and sacrifice and social service. she left all the riches and comfort of her life as well as her career as a surgeon, remaining unmarried and dedicated her life to serving the Pakistan and its people specially the women of Pakistan. 

We are all proud of Miss Fatima Jinnah. May Allah bless her soul.

Paying tribute to his sister, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah once said, "My sister was like a bright ray of light and hope whenever I came back home and met her. Anxieties would have been much greater and my health much worse, but for the restraint imposed by her"

Mohammad Ali Jinnah with Fatima Jinnah

Green Girls

Green Girls of Pakistan rock the ground.

Pakistan's women cricket team

This time Pakistani women rock the cricket ground and made the nation proud as well as our man cricket team did.
 Pakistan's women cricket team beat Netherlands by 20 runs in the rain-shortened match and qualify for the ongoing Women’s World T20, according to ESPN cric info.

 A big Wow for the women team.!!! In a society infested with forbiddance of women’s freedom thinking about to form a women cricket team that represent the nation globally is just like asking for the moon.  Despite the fact that the women team largely gone unnoticed and most Pakistanis are still unknowing the fact that Pakistan has a women’s cricket team, the green girls persistently show their performance and raise the national flag in International arena.

Although all team members are doing really well in this scenario but I like to mention the name of Sana Mir, captain of Pakistan’s cricket team. She led her team to an Asian Games Gold medal in 2010. Her marvelous leg spin bowling stood her at the 8th step with 607 points in the list for bowlers.   She is the only Pakistani in the ICC T 20 Rankings for women. (click here to read more). Hope Pakistan green girls will do great in T20. 

watch the video Video by Sara Faruqi and Hafsa Adil, text by Taimur Sikander.

Burka Avenger, fights for girl’s schools in Pakistan

Burka Avenger,  fights for girl’s schools in Pakistan

Burka Avenger

Today Geo Tv is going to launch the first animated series “ Burka Avenger”, is the first South Asian ninja who wields books and pens as weapons. 

Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Super girl now have a Pakistani counterpart in the pantheon of female superheroes, Pakistan’s first ever very own superheroine “The Burka Avenger”.  Meet her; the desi superwoman is a mild mannered teacher who has secret martial art skills. She uses a flowing black burqa to hide her identity as she fights local bad people who want to shut down the girl’s school.

The action-based cartoon, Burka Avenger, is a brainchild of pop singer and former band member of Awaz, HaroonRashid, and will make its debut on Geo TV in early August. The cartoon is definitely a mirror to our society which suffers at the hands of extremists — those blowing up schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to oppose girls’ education. But limitations only give birth to heroes like Malala Yousafzai and, now, the Burka Avenger.  Haroon said that the purpose behind this cartoon to emphasize the girl education in Pakistan. 
( click to read more )
 Burka Avenger has yet to launch on TV, but she is creating quite an impression in a country where female literacy is estimated at a grim 12% and the Taliban are continuing a campaign which has seen hundreds of girls' schools blown up in the north-west.

Well thumbs up!!!  Hope that she will leave a good impact on our society and helps to solve problems or clear the misconceptions about girl education. 

The World of ‎Malala‬

The World of Malala

Today  I am not writing but copying a post about  ‪#‎Malala‬ written by  Ashraf Chaudhry,  which he posted on his Facebook page with the title of

Malala Yousufzai 

  " To the World of ‪#‎Malala‬ via Ashraf Chaudhry " 

The innocent and impressionable Malala is being misused to portray image of Pakistan as if it a country of barbaric people where girls are chained and denied of education. The world must know that Pakistan's schools and colleges are full of girls and boys, no discrimination at all. The culture of one tribal belt does not represent Pakistan. By the way, Swat, Malala's home town, has the highest literacy in Pakistan.

The world must know that we had women governor in Pakistan
 (Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan)  when women in Switzerland were not eligible to cast votes. 

The World in general and USA in particular must know that Pakistan had women opposition leader in the times when fragile and black Miss Rosa Parks was being beaten in the bus in Montgomery, Alabama for sitting on the seat reserved for white people.

Pakistan had women Prime Minister twice. Pakistan has had Speaker National Assembly and Governor State Bank. 

Recently I was in Quetta, a conservative city, I addressed the students for three days. Halls were packed with girls and boys. No discrimination at all. 

Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures. An incident in one part of Pakistan should not be used to malign and tarnish the image of entire Pakistan. Attack on her is condemnable but the way she is being misused, abused and exploited is more condemnable. 

The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world, Arfa Karim, is from Pakistan. The Fastest Women in South Asia, Naseem Hameed, is from Pakistan. Women in Pakistan are flying latest war jets, they are doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs. 

If one section in Pakistan is chained and enslaved, that is, media. Give dollars to the owners of TV Channels and newspapers, they can sell their souls.

Different Roles of Pakistani Women in Society

Women, The most important part of any society around the globe, including Pakistan perform their duties as  an active part of their countries , societies  and families very well.  

Pakistani women either educated or uneducated, from rural areas or urban areas, working or non working,   they are also an awaken part of our society and play a vital role in our society, we can see, they play role in every field and perform very well.

No doubt we have a long list of amazing women who made us proud in the world. We have women Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers, Scientists, Pilots, Politicians,  Artists, Journalists, Writers, IT professionals etc etc etc....., even if they are not educated they worked at their own level,  working in fields, at homes and help their families financially and emotionally as well.

Posting few pictures of well known Pakistani women.


Ms. Fatima Jinnah

Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz

Begum Shaista IKram Ullah

Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan

Beanazir Bhutto 

Hina Rabbani

Marvi Memon


Dr. Farzana Shaheen
Mariam Sultana 

Fighter Pilot

Ayesha Farooq


Bano Qudsia
Bapsi Sidhwa

Haseena Moin 
fatima suraiya bajia

Ayesha Siddiqua


Nimra Salim


Mehnaz Begum
Madam Noor Jehan

Farida Khanam

There are more and more and more will add some more pics soon

Global Entrepreneurship Week – A Road Map Of Entrepreneurs

Young Female Entrepreneurs,  Future of Pakistan....

Brian Tracy said , " A society is prosperous only to the degree to which it rewards and encourages entrepreneurial activity because it is the entrepreneurs and their activities that are the critical determinant of the level of success, prosperity, growth and opportunity in any economy.

Unfortunately Pakistan has the lowest entrepreneurial activity in South Asia, and this about the whole, if we talk about women entrepreneurship in Pakistan the situation is worst. Women have strong economic rights in Islam and there is a tradition of women in business,women entrepreneurs face larger obstacles in accessing credit, training, networks and information, barriers in the legal and policy framework and as a result may not achieve. Women entrepreneurship is also considered very important for women empowerment. There are several reasons which stop young men and women of our country to start their own business and join the entrepreneurs ' community.

This week is being celebrated as Global Entrepreneurship Week around the globe to promote entrepreneurial activities in the region and to provide a platform to youngsters where they can share not only different ideas but their fears and their ambitions with each other. In Karachi GEW was organized by CIPE and celebrated at Marriott, where the lead speakers of the session were Hammad Siddiqui ( social media strategist and Deputy Country Director CIPE  ) , Talha Ansari (Director at Xenith PR & event) and Kamal Faridi (CEO at 22 four).

A thoughtful session where different thoughts were shared by mainly the students from IBA,  ZABIST, Indus Valley school of Art and different universities and institutions of Karachi. What I like most about the session is the presence and active participation of  young female students or I must say future entrepreneurs in a large number. The all young females took an active part in the discussion and share their brilliant ideas with others they also discussed about the problems they faced and the problems they could be face i.e
  •  Law & enforcement situation
  • Society hurdles
  • lack of facilities
  • legal problems
  • financial issues
  • family bounding.
etc etc etc.....   never ending problems. I am happy to know that all young women were well aware about the problems,  hurdles and boundaries but still they are ambitious to choose entrepreneurship as their career. I want to mention here the name of the person Mr. Moin M. Fudda (Country Director CIPE) who inspired almost all youngsters  including me by sharing his experiences of life and struggle on the way of entrepreneurship.

In the same country where young females would not be allowed to get education  I can see the young girls presenting their ideas about their future business, they are discussing about how they can solve the problems and clear their way to success. I left the room with a new hope of betterment of our society. Thank you CIPE for creating an opportunity for the young females in this male entrepreneurial  world. :)

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Who stops Pakistani women to Vote ?

A women cast her vote in a polling station

Who stops Pakistani women to Vote ?


Women's suffrage  ( is the right of women to vote and to run for office) has been achieved at various times in various countries throughout the world. In many countries women's suffrage was granted before universal suffrage, so women (and men) from certain classes or races were still unable to vote, while some granted it to both sexes at the same time. According to a timeline lists years when women's suffrage was enacted in various places.

Pakistan declared independence on the 14th of August 1947. In 1956 right to vote extended to national level, previously only literate women could vote,  yes according to Constitution of Pakistan women can vote,  they have equal rights - but in certain areas men do not allow them to go outside of the house to cast their vote. Women may face two distinct barriers to exercising their right to vote. First, costs of participation may be too high. Traditions or cultural stereotypes may discourage the exercise. Second, women may have fewer or poorer sources of information about the significance of political participation or the balloting process.  women are often not registered as voters because they face opposition from male household heads and that female turnout is low because women lack knowledge about the electoral system and about voting. wish to read more, click here.

Women constitute for more than fifty percent of the population of Pakistan. Their participation in the elections is vital to ensure election of right candidate. However if one looks at the women participation in the past elections a sad reality comes to light that their participation has been less than expected. The women in urban areas have to some extent participated in the elections and casted their votes however the percentage has been quite low. Even the highly educated women often stay away from casting their vote. In the rural areas the situation is even worse. Either the women do not cast their votes at all or they act on the advice of the male members of the family. This way often not so deserving candidates get elected and deserving ones lose. The low voter turnaround among women voters is further highlighted by the fact that in 2008 elections average male voter turnaround in the country was almost 49.8% while in women voters it was almost 39.7%.

Women really want to go outside but they're not allowed to. They are dependent on men. In big cities it is different but in some areas, traditions are very strong so they can't.

There are two very different realities. There are women who have become prominent figures in every field of life. They are ministers, members of national and provincial assemblies and political leaders, but on the other hand, there are other women who are the most oppressed class of society. There are many areas in the country where women are deprived from their right of casting votes including Mardan, Shangla and other area like Mianwali.  A modern history states that elders and religious leaders attempted to prevent female participation by threatening punishment against tribesmen whose women registered, leading to under-registration in the female population. In 2008, the Taliban ordered women in the FATA regions of Bajaur, Kurram and Mohmand not to vote under threat of "serious punishment," while Mangal Bagh, chief of the Lashkar-e-Islam, forbade women to vote in the Jamrud and Bara subdivisions of the Khyber Agency. Not only in KPK or tribal areas wherever we have feudal system or have a low or no literacy rate women not allowed to poll.

watch the video

A very good article to read about women polling, click here to read.

Dear readers, please feel free to write your comments as well as your suggestion to increase percentage of women voters in Pakistan.

Women's Portrayal in Media


Women's Portrayal in Media


From our childhood we are exposed to media.  When we grow older, we pay attention to media for cues on behavior. Often, television is listed as the main source of information for today's youth  . This presents an alarming problem for females. The ways in which they are represented in the media, especially on television, can lead to the continuing oppression of women and the continued belief that they are objects of male satisfaction (this image is especially pervasive in advertising).

There are television shows that are more positive toward women, and there has been progress made. The 1970s especially saw more feminist oriented programming. However, the 1980s saw an immense drop in such shows. Right now it seems that for all the progress made, some images still persist. These images are most often seen in advertising. And these images are some of the most detrimental of all. As people watch media portrayals of women, they develop an idea of how women should be, of what they are. It's not just men that see these images and learn from them; women also interpret the messages as directions on how to behave.

Now media objectify the women in masses as physical objects that can be looked at and acted upon-- and fail to portray women as subjective beings with thoughts, histories, and emotions. Objectification becomes an issue when it is frequent, and when people are commonly presented only as objects and not as subjects as well. When we see an image of a woman who is presented passively, and who demonstrates no other attributes aside from her physical or sexual being, that's objectification. Here are some contemporary examples of women who are commonly (although not always) portrayed as passive objects to be enjoyed exclusively as physical beings:

  • The female models in Deal or No Deal, whose function in the show is to look pretty and to remain passive until the moment the host allows them to "open the case"
  • Sexualized images of women in music videos
  • Pinup posters of sexualized models
  • College girls in Girls Gone Wild videos
  • Women in pornography
  • Waitresses at Hooters.
The consequences of objectification are not easy to measure. There is no way to link dangerous behaviors such as eating disorders or crimes such as rape directly to media objectification-- and it would be irresponsible and inaccurate to do so. However, we live in a world filled with the objectification of women, and this objectification contributes to social problems.

Its not too late, we can handle the problem with sincere efforts and result oriented measures as I read about a workshop about women's portrayal in Media.

In this workshop which is held by Uks Research Centre, on 17the July 2012 in Islamabad, a group of nearly 25 journalists belonging to print and electronic media a consensus was made at the conclusion of the workshop that;

Media has played a positive role in highlighting the plight of women. However, in many cases, it has been irresponsible and fostered negativity, suggesting that there is a need to sensitise reporters, editors, program directors and media owners. for more click here.

The participants agreed that the media should respect the right to privacy and maintain professional standards while reporting on women issues.

Media is the best thing that has happened to our country, however it should be ethically responsible considering the social consequences,”   

said Sachet Executive President Dr. Rakhshanda Perveen.

Pakistani women in Asian Championship

Pakistani women in Asian Championship


There is no doubt that Pakistani women are really really talented in all parts of life even in sport fields. Now two young Pakistani females prove it again that they have a lot to show, now the world will see their talent in Asian Championship and the field is very masculine
 " Karate".

Beenish Akbar and Kulsoom will become the first female karate players to represent Pakistan in a continental tournament after they were named in the eight-member squad for the Asian Championship.

In South Asian Karate Championship held in New Delhi, Kulsum winning two gold, a silver and bronze medal and Beenish Akbar claiming two gold and a bronze medal.  On arrival from New Delhi a member of the Pakistani squad said ; "The female members were ecstatic as well and appreciated the work put in by the coaching staff that yielded the positive result." 

Pakistani people and Pakistani sports officials specially should appreciate them and Pakistani media should bring these two talented female in light, so the others also get inspiration and young girls involve themselves in sports and parents dont stop them to do so.

Women have the Nation's future in their hands, Support them.

Think about yourself


No one could help us.....except  us. We should start thinking about us if we want to  make our life better and make this world a better and a safe place for us.

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