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Burka Avenger, fights for girl’s schools in Pakistan

Burka Avenger,  fights for girl’s schools in Pakistan

Burka Avenger

Today Geo Tv is going to launch the first animated series “ Burka Avenger”, is the first South Asian ninja who wields books and pens as weapons. 

Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Super girl now have a Pakistani counterpart in the pantheon of female superheroes, Pakistan’s first ever very own superheroine “The Burka Avenger”.  Meet her; the desi superwoman is a mild mannered teacher who has secret martial art skills. She uses a flowing black burqa to hide her identity as she fights local bad people who want to shut down the girl’s school.

The action-based cartoon, Burka Avenger, is a brainchild of pop singer and former band member of Awaz, HaroonRashid, and will make its debut on Geo TV in early August. The cartoon is definitely a mirror to our society which suffers at the hands of extremists — those blowing up schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to oppose girls’ education. But limitations only give birth to heroes like Malala Yousafzai and, now, the Burka Avenger.  Haroon said that the purpose behind this cartoon to emphasize the girl education in Pakistan. 
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 Burka Avenger has yet to launch on TV, but she is creating quite an impression in a country where female literacy is estimated at a grim 12% and the Taliban are continuing a campaign which has seen hundreds of girls' schools blown up in the north-west.

Well thumbs up!!!  Hope that she will leave a good impact on our society and helps to solve problems or clear the misconceptions about girl education. 

The World of ‎Malala‬

The World of Malala

Today  I am not writing but copying a post about  ‪#‎Malala‬ written by  Ashraf Chaudhry,  which he posted on his Facebook page with the title of

Malala Yousufzai 

  " To the World of ‪#‎Malala‬ via Ashraf Chaudhry " 

The innocent and impressionable Malala is being misused to portray image of Pakistan as if it a country of barbaric people where girls are chained and denied of education. The world must know that Pakistan's schools and colleges are full of girls and boys, no discrimination at all. The culture of one tribal belt does not represent Pakistan. By the way, Swat, Malala's home town, has the highest literacy in Pakistan.

The world must know that we had women governor in Pakistan
 (Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan)  when women in Switzerland were not eligible to cast votes. 

The World in general and USA in particular must know that Pakistan had women opposition leader in the times when fragile and black Miss Rosa Parks was being beaten in the bus in Montgomery, Alabama for sitting on the seat reserved for white people.

Pakistan had women Prime Minister twice. Pakistan has had Speaker National Assembly and Governor State Bank. 

Recently I was in Quetta, a conservative city, I addressed the students for three days. Halls were packed with girls and boys. No discrimination at all. 

Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures. An incident in one part of Pakistan should not be used to malign and tarnish the image of entire Pakistan. Attack on her is condemnable but the way she is being misused, abused and exploited is more condemnable. 

The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world, Arfa Karim, is from Pakistan. The Fastest Women in South Asia, Naseem Hameed, is from Pakistan. Women in Pakistan are flying latest war jets, they are doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs. 

If one section in Pakistan is chained and enslaved, that is, media. Give dollars to the owners of TV Channels and newspapers, they can sell their souls.

Different Roles of Pakistani Women in Society

Women, The most important part of any society around the globe, including Pakistan perform their duties as  an active part of their countries , societies  and families very well.  

Pakistani women either educated or uneducated, from rural areas or urban areas, working or non working,   they are also an awaken part of our society and play a vital role in our society, we can see, they play role in every field and perform very well.

No doubt we have a long list of amazing women who made us proud in the world. We have women Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers, Scientists, Pilots, Politicians,  Artists, Journalists, Writers, IT professionals etc etc etc....., even if they are not educated they worked at their own level,  working in fields, at homes and help their families financially and emotionally as well.

Posting few pictures of well known Pakistani women.


Ms. Fatima Jinnah

Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz

Begum Shaista IKram Ullah

Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan

Beanazir Bhutto 

Hina Rabbani

Marvi Memon


Dr. Farzana Shaheen
Mariam Sultana 

Fighter Pilot

Ayesha Farooq


Bano Qudsia
Bapsi Sidhwa

Haseena Moin 
fatima suraiya bajia

Ayesha Siddiqua


Nimra Salim


Mehnaz Begum
Madam Noor Jehan

Farida Khanam

There are more and more and more will add some more pics soon

Women Friendly Organization

Beaconhouse School System 

A Women Friendly Organization

We all always talk about the injustice and inequality with the women in our country,  although these are the realities and one should never deny but while talking about these cruelness of society and people we should never forget about the people and organizations who are working remarkably for the benefit of women in our country.

Beaconhouse School System is one of those. Mrs. Nasreen Kasuri, the chairperson of beaconhouse school system founded it in 1975 and now it is the largest school system of its kind in the world. As far as Mrs. Kasuri's significant role  in developing the private education sector in Pakistan, she has also played an important role in women's empowerment in the country. 

Happy women employees of Beaconhouse School System
62 % of Beaconhouse employees are women which includes a very high percentage of women in upper management.

Beaconhouse School system  hire women, pay them a very smart salary and a provide them a great environment to work with a peace of mind and above all,  the system trained them , groomed them, and polished them not only to make them a better employee for the system  but it helps to transformed them as confident qualified individuals, by this, the system not only get benefits for its own but it injects power in our society and in our country's economy too. These qualified, trained and confident women are working as a silent support system for  our socitey and country as well. These women share their abilities and skills with their families, friends and off course with the society . Beaconhouse school system is doing such a remarkable job for women's professional development and providing them an excellent environment to work and grow professionally.

I am proud of myself as a part of Beaconhouse School Systems and  thankful to the system for working for the betterment of Pakistani women in this society where we badly needed
" Women Friendly Organizations".


Women's Portrayal in Media


Women's Portrayal in Media


From our childhood we are exposed to media.  When we grow older, we pay attention to media for cues on behavior. Often, television is listed as the main source of information for today's youth  . This presents an alarming problem for females. The ways in which they are represented in the media, especially on television, can lead to the continuing oppression of women and the continued belief that they are objects of male satisfaction (this image is especially pervasive in advertising).

There are television shows that are more positive toward women, and there has been progress made. The 1970s especially saw more feminist oriented programming. However, the 1980s saw an immense drop in such shows. Right now it seems that for all the progress made, some images still persist. These images are most often seen in advertising. And these images are some of the most detrimental of all. As people watch media portrayals of women, they develop an idea of how women should be, of what they are. It's not just men that see these images and learn from them; women also interpret the messages as directions on how to behave.

Now media objectify the women in masses as physical objects that can be looked at and acted upon-- and fail to portray women as subjective beings with thoughts, histories, and emotions. Objectification becomes an issue when it is frequent, and when people are commonly presented only as objects and not as subjects as well. When we see an image of a woman who is presented passively, and who demonstrates no other attributes aside from her physical or sexual being, that's objectification. Here are some contemporary examples of women who are commonly (although not always) portrayed as passive objects to be enjoyed exclusively as physical beings:

  • The female models in Deal or No Deal, whose function in the show is to look pretty and to remain passive until the moment the host allows them to "open the case"
  • Sexualized images of women in music videos
  • Pinup posters of sexualized models
  • College girls in Girls Gone Wild videos
  • Women in pornography
  • Waitresses at Hooters.
The consequences of objectification are not easy to measure. There is no way to link dangerous behaviors such as eating disorders or crimes such as rape directly to media objectification-- and it would be irresponsible and inaccurate to do so. However, we live in a world filled with the objectification of women, and this objectification contributes to social problems.

Its not too late, we can handle the problem with sincere efforts and result oriented measures as I read about a workshop about women's portrayal in Media.

In this workshop which is held by Uks Research Centre, on 17the July 2012 in Islamabad, a group of nearly 25 journalists belonging to print and electronic media a consensus was made at the conclusion of the workshop that;

Media has played a positive role in highlighting the plight of women. However, in many cases, it has been irresponsible and fostered negativity, suggesting that there is a need to sensitise reporters, editors, program directors and media owners. for more click here.

The participants agreed that the media should respect the right to privacy and maintain professional standards while reporting on women issues.

Media is the best thing that has happened to our country, however it should be ethically responsible considering the social consequences,”   

said Sachet Executive President Dr. Rakhshanda Perveen.

Pakistan is now trying to rebuild the education system in its northwest areas.

Ray of hope for female students

Pakistan rebuilds its education network in northwest areas

The Annual Status of Education report, published in February this year, said that  nearly 60% of school-age children can't read. Girls fare the worst. Another report, by the Pakistan Education Task Force in 2011, showed that Pakistan is second in the global ranking of out-of-school children. One in three rural women have never attended school.

Education in Pakistan is chronically underfunded. And the Taliban continues to strike in other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. There are no official figures but estimates suggest more than 800 schools have been destroyed in north-west Pakistan. Only in Swat,  the Taliban destroyed more than 400 of the 1,576 schools and the  Seventy percent of them were girls' schools. We must thankful to some really brave women who knock themself out to rebuild the education system in their area specially for women while the conditions are too hard for them.

Maryam Bibi is one of those brave women, founder of the NGO Khwendo Kor,( which has been working for girls' education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province since 1993.) said ; "We talk about equality and women's rights and welfare at the policy level, but what is the strategy, especially for poor girls living in remote areas? We must educate these girls.

Gul-e-Khandana  another courageous woman from Swat, she is a head teacher in Government Primary School Swat is not an ordinary teacher - she stood up to the Taliban and managed to save the school where she had taught for more than 20 years. She still shivers with fear when she recalls the invasion of taliban.
She said; "Above all, girls must be educated," she says. "When one girl is educated, she educates her entire household. The role of women is very important in our society – it is they who can change our way of life for the better."

There are so many like them who still working for the education  and specially for girls because they believe that with education we can change the world, specially an educated girl is the best source to educate a whole family. In the light of these great efforts now we hope that things will be better because Pakistan Rebuilds Its Education Network.

Please feel free to send your suggestions and ideas about the rebuilding or rejuvenating our education system and specially women education.


Think about yourself


No one could help us.....except  us. We should start thinking about us if we want to  make our life better and make this world a better and a safe place for us.

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