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Women can Bootstrap their Career too

Bootstrapping Your Career 

Bootstrapping your career 

Bootstrapping YourCareer is written by Hammad Siddiqui . A book about career development, Job recruitments, personal grooming and everything which can help you to boost not only your career but your life too. If you think that the book may contain a lot of pages, difficult tasks, and complex processes, then you are wrong, a book of 125 pages written in a very simple way.  Book based on real life experiences of Hammad sahib with daily life examples. He simplified the tangled processes in a very possible way.

The book has 8 chapters and every chapter is a masterpiece. From start to think about your career till grab your dream position,  this book will take you the place where you want to stay forever.   I found the situations and advises more acceptable for us because the book is written particularly for the Pakistani job market.

As I am a big supporter of Social Media, The chapter about social media attracted me a lot. I love the phrase “Your Network is your Net worth”. Readers will get excellent tips for the productive use of social media.

From the chapter about Tools, Trick and Techniques, I got the answer of the most difficult questions of the history of the interviews “Where do you see yourself after five years? “  I hope other readers will also get their desired answers from the book, like me.

Another thing which I like most is “Five biggest career regrets” in chapter 7, which can help to anyone for a better planning for career growth.

Chapter 8, the career questioned answered, is very interesting and readers can express well in their interviews by adopting these wonderful ideas.

Conclusion:  Bootstrapping your career is an exceptionally good helping tool for career development not only for the new comers but for the professionals too. Highly recommended for the masses.

Special Note :  Bootstrapping your career is an   “equal opportunity “ type book, means no gender restrictions, Girls , professional or nonprofessional women can also get help from the book to boost their career and life too.

The writer Hammad Siddiqui  is currently serving in center for International private Enterprise as deputy Country Director. He writes at

His twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are

To order your own copy of Bootstrapping Your Career, send an email to  or  from

Global Entrepreneurship Week – A Road Map Of Entrepreneurs

Young Female Entrepreneurs,  Future of Pakistan....

Brian Tracy said , " A society is prosperous only to the degree to which it rewards and encourages entrepreneurial activity because it is the entrepreneurs and their activities that are the critical determinant of the level of success, prosperity, growth and opportunity in any economy.

Unfortunately Pakistan has the lowest entrepreneurial activity in South Asia, and this about the whole, if we talk about women entrepreneurship in Pakistan the situation is worst. Women have strong economic rights in Islam and there is a tradition of women in business,women entrepreneurs face larger obstacles in accessing credit, training, networks and information, barriers in the legal and policy framework and as a result may not achieve. Women entrepreneurship is also considered very important for women empowerment. There are several reasons which stop young men and women of our country to start their own business and join the entrepreneurs ' community.

This week is being celebrated as Global Entrepreneurship Week around the globe to promote entrepreneurial activities in the region and to provide a platform to youngsters where they can share not only different ideas but their fears and their ambitions with each other. In Karachi GEW was organized by CIPE and celebrated at Marriott, where the lead speakers of the session were Hammad Siddiqui ( social media strategist and Deputy Country Director CIPE  ) , Talha Ansari (Director at Xenith PR & event) and Kamal Faridi (CEO at 22 four).

A thoughtful session where different thoughts were shared by mainly the students from IBA,  ZABIST, Indus Valley school of Art and different universities and institutions of Karachi. What I like most about the session is the presence and active participation of  young female students or I must say future entrepreneurs in a large number. The all young females took an active part in the discussion and share their brilliant ideas with others they also discussed about the problems they faced and the problems they could be face i.e
  •  Law & enforcement situation
  • Society hurdles
  • lack of facilities
  • legal problems
  • financial issues
  • family bounding.
etc etc etc.....   never ending problems. I am happy to know that all young women were well aware about the problems,  hurdles and boundaries but still they are ambitious to choose entrepreneurship as their career. I want to mention here the name of the person Mr. Moin M. Fudda (Country Director CIPE) who inspired almost all youngsters  including me by sharing his experiences of life and struggle on the way of entrepreneurship.

In the same country where young females would not be allowed to get education  I can see the young girls presenting their ideas about their future business, they are discussing about how they can solve the problems and clear their way to success. I left the room with a new hope of betterment of our society. Thank you CIPE for creating an opportunity for the young females in this male entrepreneurial  world. :)

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