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A Pakistani Working Woman.

My Maid " Amma Sughra"

A Pakistani Working Woman.

Amma Sughra, a  working woman

Today, is the day of completion of 10 years of the association of my  maid " Amma Sughra" with me and my family.  A great lady.... possessed so many qualities like , honesty, hardworking, loyalty, caring, etc etc....she gave me not only the helping hand to run my home in a proper way but the most important thing is her companionship which has been the most precious thing for me during the past years. When ever I need her she always said  " yes" and stand beside me. I always think about it.... that what is the difference between her and me if I am a working woman, she is too. we both working but she bore hardships of life more than me. she was not only earn her bread and butter, but had to support her husband (financially) who was in jail facing an accidental murder trial .

But despite of all these  hardships of life I always found her full of energy and hope for a better tomorrow.
She is a role model for women like me who always fell into depression and always being under stress.

Thank you Amma Sughra" you are a true inspiration for me.

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