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Hijab Maroof Alvi a Young Female Entrepreneur

A Dreamer and a Doer

I feel  immense happiness and pride to write about this energetic talented young girl named

“Hijab Maroof Alvi.”
A Dreamer & A Doer.

Hijab  is a target-oriented and clear headed  young  girl who is adept in her domain. Especially her dedicated work on IT is what I like to quote. Her skills and capabilities, speak through her work. 

Hijab is a highly intelligent, perceptive young girl. She grew in learning, in character, in depth of understanding. Because of her positive disposition, her  reflective way of operating, and all of the character traits that make her so special, Hijab’ s questions never go unanswered, and her searches always bring her to exciting new discoveries. As a colleague, Hijab is outstanding, I have watched her grow, seen her talents and abilities not only in the workplace but outside its walls, when interacting with all types of people, as well. 

She has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. Her creativity knows no bounds. Sh
e is extremely dedicated to her work and has non-extinguishable amount of energy that she puts into her work. Always, in her work, she is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. She is an initiator and always struggle to come up with new and innovative ideas that proves helpful for the society at large. I respect her, because she always came up with new ideas that can help people specially students.

As the founder of, TACO Services , she is providing  great technical services to the clients.  She said; “You’re Satisfaction – Our Destiny” and she mean it.  Where she has the company of The Catalyst, Muhammaed Azeem Akhtar, Visionary Taqi Rizvi and last but not the least The Analyst Naqi Rizvi  who help her  in  production and implementation of the plans.

TACO -The Amazing Creative Operations Services is a web designing company and IT Training Institute based on young and creative professionals who would create and provide you with the best solutions to your problems according to your requirements.

I highly recommend her for any position of work, leadership, education, or any other capacity in which she can spread her excitement and share her talents with others. 

I see a bright future, ahead of her and wish her best of luck, for everything in life.

A Pakistani Working Woman.

My Maid " Amma Sughra"

A Pakistani Working Woman.

Amma Sughra, a  working woman

Today, is the day of completion of 10 years of the association of my  maid " Amma Sughra" with me and my family.  A great lady.... possessed so many qualities like , honesty, hardworking, loyalty, caring, etc etc....she gave me not only the helping hand to run my home in a proper way but the most important thing is her companionship which has been the most precious thing for me during the past years. When ever I need her she always said  " yes" and stand beside me. I always think about it.... that what is the difference between her and me if I am a working woman, she is too. we both working but she bore hardships of life more than me. she was not only earn her bread and butter, but had to support her husband (financially) who was in jail facing an accidental murder trial .

But despite of all these  hardships of life I always found her full of energy and hope for a better tomorrow.
She is a role model for women like me who always fell into depression and always being under stress.

Thank you Amma Sughra" you are a true inspiration for me.

What is the real meaning of a ' Woman '


What is the real meaning of  a ' Woman '

According to Wikipedia  the term woman is used to identify a female human regardless of age.  we usually use different words for a woman like, girl , lady, mother, wife, daughter, widow, maid  etc. etc. All these terms seemed to be different but In fact represent the one soul which is called " woman " universally. Almost all the women around the world facing the same problems without any differentiation of  country, religion or race.

some major problems are:

  • Lack of  Progress
  • Work more than man but are paid less
  • Gender Discrimination throughout a lifetime.
  • Feminization of Poverty.
  • Reproductive rights and population issues
  • The double dividend of gender equality
  •  Women and climate change
  •  Women and the media
  • Violence
  •  Health

For more information on women’s rights in general, see
Women’s Rights News Headlines

Although these are really big big issues.... all over the world people work on it, NGOs, different feminist organizations, feminist activists trying hard to resolve these major issues, but what I think if a woman realize her worth and try to do something for her no matter how small that deed would will give her a big reward.

I  am really hope full about it.
will right something more in my next blog.


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