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Stop it !


Stop violence against women.. 

Language may differ  but the message is very clear " Stop violence against women".

This message spreading widely through a campaign. The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign is a global campaign dedicated to ending gender-based violence. It runs each year from November 25th: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10th: Human Rights Day. Coordinated by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, the Campaign has seen over 4,100 organizations in 172 countries participate since 1991.

The 16 Days Campaign is dedicated to:

Raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue; Strengthening local work around violence against women; Providing a forum to develop and share strategies; Demonstrating the solidarity of activists around the world; and Calling governments to account, respond, protect, and prevent violence against women.

A very much needed campaign for my country where we really need to aware our women about their rights and a need to change in our society about their abnormal behaviors towards a very important part of their society Women. As we all know its a very slow process but I strongly believe that with continuous efforts we can bring the change... a big positive change.

In 2011 Violence against women in Pakistan has been increased 6.74 per cent as compared to 2010.

A newly issued report of Aurat Foundation (AF) a leading women’s rights organization. Says that , “8539 different incidents of violence occurred against women in different parts of Pakistan which shows 6.74 per cent increase in violence against women in 2011 as compared to 2010.”

The report says the number of violence against women remained high in Punjab where 6188 cases of violence against women have been registered, 1316 in Sindh, 694 in Kyber Pakhtunkhowa (KPK) and 193 in Balochistan. “322 women were killed in the name of honour in Punjab, 266 in Sindh, 86 in Balochistan and 30 cases were surfaced  in KPK in 2011” the report added. According to the report the number of reported cases of rape and gang rape are 827 and 734 have been reported in Punjab. for more click here

In Pakistan the total population is 180million, amongst which women make 51% of the whole population. There have been 2nd class citizenship given to women. The laws against domestic violence is not executed at all. In the year 2011 more than 8,000 cases of offenses against women were reported in media. The unreported are still beneath the attention of laws.

At any day, pick a news paper, you will find a report about violence of any kind against women.

What are the forms of violence against women?  

In Pakistan, in addition to the obvious brutalities to victimize females such as the physical and psychological violence, gross injustice like lack of independence to women in their personal choices and the absence of fair opportunities in life  exists as well.   In most cases, society and culture work hand in hand against the common Pakistani woman. Below are some examples:

2. Pakistani women denied right to work late.

  • This all happens in our society because we live in a society where  men were and are still considered to be the bread-winner.
  • Parents pampering the boy child and discriminating the girl child which gives a superiority complex to most typical males in our society.
  • Illiteracy and extremism is a big cause.
  • Forced marriages are still a form of torture prevalent throughout the country.  

 The United Nations estimates that nearly 70 per cent of women in the world suffer from some form of violence during their lifetime; in Pakistan perhaps the percentage is even higher. for more click here. The bottom line is violence prevails because we allow  it to.

The time has come that we should take a stand and try to stop all kinds of violence against women in our own households and the women who work outside their homes.

Watch this video..... think!!!!
 I hope you will do your part and will rise at least your voice against the Violence. you can register your voice by commenting on this blog.....Speak up!!!!!

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